Behind the Seams in Marseille

Each time we do a piece from our Marseille collection, we can’t help but reminisce about our amazing days on location for our Spring photoshoot in France. At Chic AF, we love designing for the bold women who explore the world, and we had a blast immersing ourselves in all the inspiration that Marseille had to offer. 

Take a quick trip to the French seaside with us as we dive “Behind the Seams” with a few of our favorite moments!

When shooting this collection, we worked with a local design agency (@wow_agency) and five Marseille-born bloggers to capture the authentic, effortless essence of this beautiful port city. 

We collaborated with our models to find looks that fit their personal style. They paired each outfit with their very own accessories - mostly French brands, and even some authentic pieces that were made and designed in Marseille. 


We explored the gem of a neighborhood Notre Dame du Mont with local bloggers Noemi (@noemiepolverini) and Marion (@Zoelamodeuze). We became obsessed with all the vibrant street art that lined the city walls and lively cafe vibes; we knew it was the perfect place to shoot a few looks. One of our favorite locations was the stairs of Escaliers du Cours Julien. 


It was amazing to watch Marion and Noemi’s personal styles come alive in their Chic AF looks as we walked the city’s colorful streets. Edgy but refined, cool but elegant, they effortlessly embodied the breezy seaside ease and urban sophistication that had us head over heels for Marseille.  


Les Goudes Racer Stripe Midi Skirt


Next, Viveka (@Viveka_b) led us to Le Panier to see Marseille’s “old town,” where stunning aged architecture, colorful walls, and charming cafes served as the ideal backdrop for our collection. Just as Marseille seamlessly combines unexpected elements - history and modernity, French lifestyle and global influence - Viveka playfully mixed styles to find her perfect Chic AF looks. Pairing sporty tennis shoes and a jean jacket with our elegant Les Goudes Racer Stripe Midi Skirt? Yes, please!


Palais Longchamp Crochet Trim Dress


Sometimes, hanging with the locals really does have its perks! That’s what we learned when we got to shoot Viveka in Paulette Restaurant Vieux Port, an eatery owned by a friend of hers. The restaurant’s amazing wood bar complemented the delicate details of her Palais Longchamp Crochet Trim Dress perfectly. Oh, and we can’t forget the lovely glass of rosé enjoyed on the patio here when we finished our shoot - c’est la vie!


Allauch Denim Chambray Dress


We shot with Melanie (@enmodemel) and Elodie (@elo_ditcequelleveut) by the water at Pont du Vallon des Auffes, taking full advantage of all the landmarks this port city has to offer. Easy breezy looks like the Allauch Denim Chambray Dress felt right at home here, and these locals brought a contagious energy to set - maybe because this is one of their favorite spots for easy breezy beach parties in the summer!

Looking back at our days in Marseille, we simply couldn’t have had a more amazing time exploring this vibrant city through the eyes of our muses. Oozing effortless style, they perfectly embodied the mix of edgy, cool, and delicate femininity that defines our Marseille collection. Getaway escapades, bold women, and special cities like these are what inspire us to continue spreading Chic AF across the globe. 

A heartfelt merci beaucoup to Noemi, Marion, Viveka, Melanie, Elodie and, of course, to beautiful Marseille!

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